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To avoid the class time rush, pre-register for classes online using our web scheduler or Studio Breathe Mobile App. Itʼs an easy way to sign-in and view up-to-date changes on all our classes, plus view your attendance and membership profile. Simply log on to our websiteʼs MINDBODY class scheduler and create a username and password. After download the free app and check-in to all your favorite classes on your mobile!

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Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to class. Classes begin promptly and are subject to room capacity. Late entries cannot be allowed. The main entrance of the building will be open during main studio hours.


Please sign-in to every class at the reception counter. Upon sign-in at the studio, you will receive a card to enter class, teachers will collect the cards at the start of class. Please advise our staff if you plan to take more than one class as you will receive additional tokens.


Remove outdoor shoes at the front designated shoe storage. All classes can be practiced barefoot. Training shoes can be worn but no outdoor shoes are permitted in class.


Let yourself disconnect. Ensure cell phones are turned off and left in lockers. Do not bring cell phones into class.


Bring a lock and store all personal items in a locker. Do not bring belongings into class.


The yoga studio is a quiet refuge for everyone to relax, please keep voices to a minimum. 


Wear comfortable stretchy clothing that allows for endurance and agility. Breathable materials are best for yoga. Clients are asked to wear appropriate clothing and shirts within the studio space.


Be conscious of hygiene, deodorants, and perfumes that may be sensitive to others.


We offer class equipment and props for your use (limited quantities may apply). Please spray the mats after use and return equipment neatly back in their proper storage. Free community storage is located in the hallway behind the yoga studio. Please write your name and phone number on all your equipment. Breathe is not responsible for any lost or stolen equipment. Mats and Towels can be rented for $2 each.


Stay hydrated, bring a water bottle to refuel at our filtered fountain. It is advisable to hydrate before and after class. Avoid eating heavy meals 2-4 hours prior to a yoga class.


Breathe teachers will support and encourage your best efforts in class. Please honor your limits and listen to your body. Participate at your own pace and capacity. Communicate with the instructors if you have injuries or health concerns prior to class. Teachers are always available to answer any questions.


Feel free to talk with us! We hope to make your Breathe experience enjoyable and friendly, let us know of any questions or concerns. Email us at (Griffintown), (Magog) or (Sherbrooke).